As an AIA member, you automatically receive membership at the National, State and Local Chapter level, allowing you to gain from … The American Institute of Architects Box 64185 Baltimore, MD 21264-4185. * Join 95,000 professionals who share your passion for the power and purpose of architecture Membership eligibility, categories and dues vary by profession and career stage. The AIA is the voice of the architectural profession and a resource for its members in service to society. More than 5,500 members of the New York Chapter—licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners—express their commitment to excellence and livability in our nation’s buildings and communities. Since 1857, the American Institute of Architects has represented the professional interests of America's architects. Renewal invoices, new membership applications, and publications fee payments are processed in the centralized database (netFORUM) by the Membership department. Although your membership is at the national, state, and local levels, this promotional offer applies only to dues for the national component. An American Institute of Architects (AIA) membership connects you to 90,000 professionals across the nation who share your passion for architecture. Membership renewal cycle. AIA members who are principals of firms engaged in the practice of architecture shall pay, in addition to their membership fees, SUPPLEMENTAL DUES in the sum of $140 per year for each person employed in its office, including principals, juniors, and all employees. Membership. All membership categories are listed here on the AIA website. For questions regarding your local or state chapter, call (800) 242 3837, option 2. The AIA designation tells your professional story in just a few letters. Please note that the AIA is a three-tiered organization. Join AIA and get free membership, free conference registration, and access to the industry’s best network. AIA Trust (You can buy insurance from them - a service I can from any number of places at the same cost) AIA Advantage (Membership benefits that are pretty lame compared to what I get from my AAA card for $25 a year, plus 3 free tows) AIA Mentoring Program (Tools for being a better mentor) AIA Seattle is a local chapter of the American Institute of Architects. We welcome US registered architects, foreign registered architects and architectural interns/assistant architects. When you become an AIA member, you instantly expand your support network by more than 95,000 colleagues across the nation. Pre-join or join AIA—for free! Some local and state AIA chapters charge a nominal membership fee. After a payment batch is processed and closed, it is sent to Accounting to be posted. ... Join The American Institute of Architects when you graduate and receive free membership for up to 18 months. See the membership categories below to see which option is best for you. Develop key business contacts with colleagues in the profession, successful participants in related industries (such as developers and institutional clients), and political and policy leaders at national, state, and local programs.. Use the AIA credential and logo to illustrate your membership affiliation. Depending on your membership type, you'll enjoy benefits at the national, state, and local level. Membership dues are calculated annually - January to December.New member dues are pro-rated quarterly.
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