Tactics; Strategic Planning: Strategy vs. Strategic thinking can provide the right direction, but actual goal achievement takes place due to strategic planning. Read on to learn more about five key aspects of a strategic marketing plan. As opposed to "a bundle of techniques," Drucker describes strategy from a warrior's perspective of "analytical thinking and commitment of resources to action." Strategic planning and strategic thinking differ according to: a. Written By Kirsten Moodie Here’s How Strategic You Are, According To Your Personality Type Some people have extremely strategic minds and enjoy planning out different possible outcomes. This compendium does not provide the answer to all of the Army' strategic thinking challenges, but it does provide many possible avenues to explore with the goal of enhancing the Army's strategic thinking capabilities. 2 buy-in, commitment can be challenging for sever- al reasons. Operational thinking deals with a single, micro process or as Dilip suggest a specific small objective or indicator for one of the objectives. While it is great to be able to create goals and objectives to take the business to the next level, there also needs to be a plan in place to get there. In working with our clients, we find that most have a relatively strong understanding and appreciation for the value of strategic planning/management. one can and should find strategic thinking, planning, and management at all three levels. Strategic thinking without strategic planning/management will cannibalize itself in a quest for structure and process. Strategic planning/management gives voice, action and structure to strategic thinking. Strategic thinking informs strategic planning/management. It is applied to compare where an organization exists, where it expects to be, and how to solve the gap between. Importance of strategic planning . 1) Strategic Planning a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization (or other entity) is, what it does, and why it does it. There are other people who find strategizing both boring and even exhausting. The classical or rational-planning approach. 1 If you want to make the most of business opportunities presented to you, you must possess a strong ability to think and plan strategically. If the people expected to execute the strategy aren’t aware of it, or don’t understand it, then commitment will be non-existent. Strategic Planning and Thinking for Project Managers. Strategic planning is a process (see above, RE: report that sits on a shelf), while strategic thinking is about vision, intuition, and creativity. The immediacy of their responses to real or anticipated opportunities c. Their focus on goal attainment d. Their intent to place individual issues and processes within an overall framework for planning 2. Strategic Thinking versus Operational Thinking. According to David, [1] strategic planning is sometimes confused with strategy formulation, because strategic plan is constructed in this stage. In other words, about where you would like to be as an organization and how you get there, Dissecting strategic thinking versus strategic planning: Dynamic rather than static; Flexible rather than rigid While there are techniques in competitive strategy as there are in manufacturing, they work very differently. Gap planning is also called as a “the Strategic-Planning Gap”, “Need Assessment,” or “Need-Gap Analysis” in strategic management model. Having one without the other can be a recipe for disaster. Requirement for sustained competitive advantage. Strategic planning is the art of creating specific business strategies, implementing them, and evaluating the results of executing the plan, in regard to a company’s overall long-term goals or desires. According to the article, the purpose of strategic thinking is to discover novel, imaginative strategies which can rewrite the rules of the competitive game and to envision potential futures significantly different from the present. Strategic planning is a review and planning process that is undertaken to make thoughtful decisions about an organization’s future in order to ensure its success. According to strategy guru Michael Porter, “Competitive strategy is about being different. Planning has been defined in various ways, ranging from thinking about the fu-ture to specifying in advance who is to do what when. By nature, vision statements are aspirational and forward-thinking, but they need specifics in order to be realized. According to Liedtka, how does strategic thinking differ from strategic planning in the vision of the future? ATI SIGMA THETA TAU MODULES: USING EVIDENCE TO GUIDE STRATEGIC PLANNING I scored 90% with this. Strategic decision making is needed now more than ever for success in oncology practice. Conversely, strategic planning can help in implementing an approach, but without strategic thinking, it will not yield the results that are needed. Tactics. Next, you define time frames for goal achievement. The purpose of strategic planning is to operationalize the strategies developed through strategic thinking and to support the strategic planning process. Strategic thinking, which is often intertwined with strategic management and strategic planning in the literature, has been offered as the new planning organizer for dynamic organizations including universities. Competitive advantage is what keeps great organizations ahead of their competitors. Strategic planning is not a substitute for strategic thinking, acting, and learning, or for leadership. According to a 2009 Harvard Business Review article “Four Fatal Flaws of Strategic Planning,” 88 percent of companies engage in strategic planning, yet few adequately manage their strategies, and even fewer see their goals completely met. Planning for resources, timeline and talent to execute across writing, design, programming, ... strategic planning can mitigate some of our greatest marketing challenges. According to USAID, the terms “strategic planning” and “strategic management” both involve defining and outlining the mission and goals of an organization. Strategic planning in this case means breaking down a goal into steps, designing how the steps may be implemented, and estimating the anticipated consequences of each step while strategic thinking is about using intuition and creativity to formulate an integrated perspective, a vision, of where the organization should be heading. 2) Strategic Planning requires broad-scale information gathering, an exploration of alternatives, and an … Tracey Sherlock, Chief Marketer “Every business exists to solve a problem. Strategy is a framework of plans or methods that help and organization to achievement of the main objective. 1. Strategic planning became prominent in corporations during the 1960s and remains an important aspect of strategic management. Likewise, we find that many are hungering for an organizational … According to Jeanne Liedtka, strategic thinking differs from strategic planning along the following dimensions of strategic management: Strategic Thinking Strategic Planning Vision of the Future Only the shape of the future can be predicted. The strategic planning process is a brief description of the steps in the process. Strategic planning gives a practice the structure to make day-to-day decisions that follow a larger vision. Strategic planning/management gives voice, action and structure to strategic thinking. Professionals looking to move into a leadership role need to master both. Strategic Planning: Strategy vs. The Strategic Thinking Manifesto By Rich Horwath. By Erica Olsen . Their use of evidence to drive decision making b. This article presents the principles of strategic planning and outlines processes that your practice can adapt for short- or long-term planning. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy. Strategic and tactical thinking should go hand-in-hand. This view suggests that strategy is formed through a formal and rational decisionmaking process. Difference Between Strategic planning vs Strategic management. It is mainly used to pinpoint precise internal shortages. Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy.. Quite often, people confuse strategy and tactics and think the two terms are interchangeable in strategic planning, but they’re not. This Chapter on the strategic management and strategic planning process provide an insight on the basic knowledge on what is strategy and strategic management. According to PMI, "leadership and business intelligence skills are imperative to support long-range strategic objectives that contribute to their success." Addeddate 2018-09-10 06:46:49 Identifier DTIC_ADA577290 Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t7sn7cs79 Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 (Extended OCR) Pages 271 Ppi 300 Year 2013 . A future that is predictable and specifiable in detail. Competitive techniques always depend on the big picture. Strategic planning has not only never amounted to strategic thinking but has, in fact, often impeded it. Strategic thinking informs strategic planning/management. By having a clear mission statement or strategy for growth, an organization can better determine specific actions and allocation of resources that best serve its goals. I agree with Dilip: strategic thinking look at things on a macro level in terms of an organization attaining its objectives. It is a course of action that is designed to reach smaller goals thus leading to the main aim of the company. Both strategic management and strategic planning are keys to business success in any industry, but few know the difference between the two. Here is where you fall on this line depending on your personality type. The choice and use of strategic planning tools and techniques in Turkish SMEs according to attitudes of executives Adnan Kalkana, b, a a,bMehmet Akif Ersoy University, Burdur, 15300, Turkey Abstract In the field of strategic management, the researches carried out about strategic planning tools and techniques used by business managers in Turkey is almost negligible. However, the steps outlined below describe the basic work that needs to be done and the typical products of the process. These steps are a recommendation, but not the recipe for creating a strategic plan. Strategic thinking states that the future is predictable and specifiable in detail. … Strategic planning is not an attempt to eliminate risk. Goal-based planning tackles that challenge by setting measurable goals that align with your vision and strategic plan.
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